Here is a great opportunity for all licensed Cosmetologists and Barbers to acquire salon ownership as you work alongside a team that are building together for a common goal. Each beauty professional will learn and grow in every aspect of their new business. 

This unique salon co-op concept is perfect for entrepreneurs that are currently looking to evolve in the Beauty Industry by having access to resources that will position them as business owners to generate multiple sources of revenue beyond the salon chair.

This opportunity aligns you with a team of Hair Stylists that are experienced in hair services, partnerships, business, sales, digital marketing, e-commerce, and manufacturing of custom hair pieces.

There is no other place that offers all of these resources in your local area. 

  • This is a network hub that you can leverage and it's great for the following professionals: 
  • Recently Licensed Cosmetologists & Barbers
  • Hair Stylist Assistants
  • Booth Renters
  • Salon Suite Renters

Definition: A cooperative, or co-op, is:
…“an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic….needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.” In other words, cooperatives are created by people…who are willing to work together to operate and organize a company that will meet that need.

The Key Features and advantages of this unique CONCEPT business model include:
Potential member owners invest with a buy-in of $3,000 (with several ways to pay); the hair professional owns three percent (3%) which entitles you to the following:

  • Owners are paid under a shared revenue model while salon builds to profitability Ownership gives you access to profits after salon is profitable
  • Free training in The Comb Institutes’ advanced haircutting program and the Chris Jacobs non-surgical hair replacement training
  • Member/owners are the Hair Professionals who invest, run the business with the Investor/Organizer, who sets up salon and provides advice and guidance
  • Investor/Manager invests in the salon set-up, provides operating support and sets up initial systems for marketing, processing transactions, booking appointments, etc. and upgrading technology to expand income opportunities for the salon owners.
  • The business will be an LLC (Limited Liability Company) business and tax advantages); owners are listed as limited members; the Operating Agreement is developed by the Investor/Manager and once implemented, all owners will make changes as needed
  • Like any business, expenses are paid first each month, including payment to owners, before profits are earned; income and expense reports are prepared monthly.
  • Q&A will address many questions.

Because the power is in the collective efforts of a team working together with common objectives for the benefit of everyone. It functions more like a private business that can offer benefits, paid time off, a retirement plan, etc. All this builds over time, and the speed is totally based on the efforts of the members.

I am interested in the salon co-op business model and I would like to schedule a free consultation to speak to someone on how to join.