Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems is a term that most people would associate as a solution for male pattern hair loss which is scientifically known as Androgenic Alopecia. This usually happens due to hair follicle shrinkage. Male hair loss is common. However, there are several causes of hair loss in both men and women of all ages. 

In most cases people experience hair loss because of disorders or health issues. Such as Alopecia Areata is where the hair follicles stop producing hair and it causes bald spots on the scalp during the first stage. Traction Alopecia is another form of gradual loss of hair from the constant pulling of the hair due to certain types of hairstyles. There is also sudden hair loss in some cancer patients because of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems are essentially wigs that are a great alternative to hair transplant methods. Chris Jacobs The Comb Salon has a very large manufacturing company that creates and customizes each hair system to match your hair color, personal style, and the shape of your head.

Each piece is of real human hair for a very natural appearance. Our company prides itself on creating quality hair systems with cost, fit, and longevity in mind for the clients. Each piece has a life span of 8 to 12 months.

You have the convenience of not having to deal with any third party companies. We personally take care of all orders from start to finish to assure we meet the clients expectations. Chris Jacobs The Comb Salon also offers repairs on all of our hair systems. We provide the same repair service for personal pieces that clients bring in that were not created by our manufacturer.

Chris Jacob The Comb Salon Custom Hair Piece Collection